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Episode 53 means we've reached our one-year anniversary! So we're marking the occasion with a lighter episode pair, a panel talk about AI in fiction: Books, movies, TV shows. I am joined by literary and science fiction educator Dr. Robert James, who is also a published expert on the Academy Awards; and by Jim Gifford, my publisher and the bibliographer of science fiction author Robert Heinlein. All of us were a team on the creation and production of the 2007 convention of Heinlein's centennial.

In part 2 we talk about The Terminator, Star Trek, Wandavision, her, ex Machina, Philip K. Dick, and much, much more. This is a non-stop free-ranging conversation between experts passionate about this field.

All this plus our usual look at today's AI headlines. 

Transcript and URLs referenced at HumanCusp Blog.

AI in Fiction





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