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Lethal autonomous weapons are here, and we're going to see much more of them. What concerns do these raise, and what should we do about them? Those may seem like intractable problems, but Peter Asaro tackles them. He is a professor at the New School in New York, and is a philosopher of science, technology and media. His work examines artificial intelligence and robotics as a form of digital media, the ethical dimensions of algorithms and data, and the ways in which technology mediates social relations and shapes our experience of the world. In the world of autonomous weapons, he works as the co-founder and co-chair of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control.

We talk about just what distinctions are useful when thinking about the regulation of autonomous weapons, seen through the lens of his precise and highly informed thinking.

All this plus our usual look at today's AI headlines. 

Transcript and URLs referenced at HumanCusp Blog.

Peter Asaro





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