This show's amazing guest has seen naked brains... while they were still in use. Dr. Ryan D'Arcy is a neuroscientist, pictured here with one of his tools, an MRI machine. He co-founded HealthTech Connex Inc., and serves as President and Chief Scientific Officer. HealthTech Connex translates neuroscience advances into health technology breakthroughs. We met on the TEDx stage in Surrey BC, where he was speaking about how he helped Trevor Greene, a soldier who had his head split by an axe while serving in Afghanistan.

See his TEDx talk here.

In this episode, we talk about why he loves to fix broken brains, and what's going on in our brains, with brainwaves, neurons, and - just what is a thought, anyhow? If you want to learn how to harness neuroplasticity to improve your own brain, Ryan tells you how in this episode. All that and of course our usual look at a headline about AI.

Transcript at HumanCusp Blog.

 Dr. Ryan D'Arcy


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